Chili Chili Mango Party

Our Ice Cream truck (1 hour rental) 2 staff to make and serve Chili Chili Mangos Minimum order 30 servings. Each serving is handmade by our staff and contains: mango sorbet, apricot, plum and mango chamoy sauce, rimmed with tajin, sprinkled with lour exotic spice blend and served with candied tamarind mango bits,  tamarind straw with a healthy squeeze of lime juice; vegan. Requests to make Diablo(spicy), Pucker(sour) or naked version all available! 

Truck Rental $295 plus 30   Chili Chili Mango servings @$7.95ea=$530.50

Truck Rental $295 plus 64   Chili Chili Mango servings @$7.95ea=$803.80

Truck Rental $295 plus 96   Chili Chili Mango servings @$7.95ea=$1058.20

Truck Rental $295 plus 128 Chili Chili Mango servings @$7.95ea=$1312.60

Novelty Ice Cream Bars

 Ice cream truck rental (1 hour rental) filled with a mix of classic brands and flavors including: ice cream bars, sandwiches, ninja turtles, popsicles, and frozen treats.  Additional time may be added for this service at $95 per hour

Truck rental $295 plus 144 novelties @ $3.25ea = $763.00

Truck rental $295 plus 192 novelties @ $3.25ea = $919.00

Truck rental $295 plus 240 novelties @ $3.25ea = $1075.00

Truck rental $295 plus 288 novelties @ $3.25ea = $1231.00

Truck rental $295 plus 336 novelties @ $3.25ea = $1387.00

For more than 336 novelties please contact customer service

Additional Info

For all Chili Chili Mango parties/Ice Cream Truck orders, additional fees may apply based on event location, event date (holiday or weekend delivery), and event time (the start or end time is outside normal business hours).  We will be happy to provide you with an estimate based on your event parameters and specific requests prior to placing your order.

Availability will be confirmed once an official order has been placed and credit card information is on file. 

 cancel or reduce orders at least 72 business hours in advance of the delivery date to avoid penalty.