About Us

Our Truck

   When our little Chili Chili Mango truck pulls up to your event we leave a BIG impression on you, your guests, family, friends and Coworkers! We strive to have the cleanest, cutting edge truck with a great selection for every tatstebud. The truck has interactive features to make the most of your experience and we have the most entertaining ice cream truck drivers that bring the fun!  If you are looking for a unique ice cream truck experience in the Southland, rest assured you need to look no further. We look forward to making you another one of our happy customers 

Our Team


Our Team is Loaded with personality!

Jason Ybarra:

  Jason comes to us with a background in film and TV. With 20 plus years in the industry as a craft service person with a  stint as a monster   on Power Rangers to a  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on tour with Vanilla Ice, and currently pushing a broom on The Vanilla Ice Project  (season 7) Jason brings the personality to entertain! He is also the voice of Chili Chili Mango and will be who you speak to when we call to confirm! If you have a problem we will solve it!     ڼ�

Cat Madinger:

  Cat comes from a background in Sales and customer service and will strive to make your experience the best possible. An ardent foodie she is always on a quest to find the best flavors and latest trends. She also has years of experience in costuming and theater and promises to make your experience magical!